Cloud Accounting and Electronic Document Management Solutions

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We Can Provide You With

  • More Control
  • Accurate & Timely Information
  • Clear Action Plans
  • Reduce On-Going Costs
  • Increase Profitability
  • Better Customer Service
  • Save Time & Space
  • Reduce Stress

Learning the fundamentals is fundamental

Sometimes we struggle through without realising that if we learned the underlying principles, we would be a lot more able.

For example; coaching someone by going over the fundamental principles of bookkeeping and accounts dramatically reduces the amount of time taken to do tasks as well as the amount of help needed from others.

Realise that it's not the software application causing the problem but the lack of a fuller understanding.

Why You Should Be Proud To Be Paperless

Paper related costs are linked to the way information is managed in an office. Savings are possible when an organization thinks through its information management processes. Here are a few ideas...

You are reducing your photocopying costs
Did you know that 12.5 million tonnes of paper and cardboard are used annually in the UK? How much is photocopied in your organisation? Could these documents be scanned and the information passed electronically instead of photocopied? It's not just the cost of the paper; think of the cost of the toner, delivery of new toner, photocopier leasing and/or maintenance, etc.

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Why Schools Should Aspire To The Paperless Office

Tony Reissner of business solutions provider Whitegate explains how school offices can implement processes to help them become paper free.

The office is the industrious hub of a school for pupils, parents and staff. The amount of administration that schools have to deal with has increased significantly over the past two decades, with the efficacy of admin processes impacting on all areas of school life. However, the prospect of going paper free remains a daunting prospect for some educational establishments.

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The Financial Case - Going For Cloud Accounting

Let's assume your finance department is made up of yourself plus 3 others. You have full access to everything you need from your accounting software which is something like Sage 200, Exchequer or one of the Microsoft Dynamics packages. You're used to it, after all you've been using it for... 'how many years?' and anyway what else can an accounts package do?

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5 Reasons To Go Paperless

There are many valid and justifiable reasons to consider investing in a document management system. To start, here are 5 basic reasons why it makes sense:

1. To Save Space
A document management system could reduce the amount of space needed in your office. This reduction in space can contribute to reducing overheads and significantly reduce the amount of square footage your organisation requires.

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Why Cloud Accounting?

If you want your business to work smarter, cloud accounting software could be the way to go. Working in the cloud will give you a solution that grows with your needs and delivers results in an intuitive and easy way providing you with a better overview of your finances.

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