Cloud Accounting and Electronic Document Management Solutions

File Stream - Standard Features

Investing in a document management system today offers much more than it did only a few years ago. Then it was purely seen as an archiving tool - that is literally an electronic filing cabinet replacing the standard paper filing methods.

Today, many electronic document management systems offer much more than this. It is important when deciding which software to invest in that you keep an eye on how versatile it will be to grow with your future commercial needs.

File Stream Document Management Software's adaptability will surprise you when used to enhance and work alongside existing office procedures. Indeed many clients find it can replace current, outdated (often expensive) software. Others use it as a basic contact management or support call logging system.

Standard Menu

As well as offering users many flexible indexing options (manual tagging / OCR) and powerful retrieval capabilities for all documents (paper and existing electronic files) a standard File Stream Document Management system allows users to:

  • Create new Microsoft Office documents. These can be blank documents or your company's customised standard templated documents. These documents are automatically captured by the document management system ready for filing.
  • Set up xml contact sheets to create simple mail merges in association with indexed values.
  • Search for existing documents, launch them to edit the content and when saved, they will automatically update in File Stream Document Management system. A full audit trail and revision history is kept. Very useful when creating quotations etc.
  • Set searchable coloured FLAGS against documents, eg to identify supplier invoices that have queries or need management approval.
  • Send messages to other users with links to documents in the Document Management system (avoids making endless copies by emailing queries).
  • Use File Stream Document Management system's own inbuilt diary linking documents to automatic reminders.
  • Annotate documents with customised stamps which automatically include the date and user's name, eg "Approved by" or "True and Certified copy".
  • Add "Notes" to documents using our in-built system, detailing date, time and originator. These can be viewed and added to by all users. Very useful for employees to put their comments against cases / projects they are working on.
  • Email documents from the File Stream Document Management System, and file emails, including attachments, from Outlook directly into the File Stream Document Management system.
  • Attach documents of different file types creating a group of related documents. Often used in the Insurance or construction industries to attach photographs to associated claims forms or site plans.
  • Link documents to each other. Many customers use this when setting up and keeping track of their Company Complaints process, or linking Purchase Orders and Delivery Notes to a supplier's invoice.
  • Set Bookmarks to regularly used documents so that they are always available instantly.

File Stream has a very sophisticated in-built scanning interface allowing the creation of individual scanning profiles for ease of use. All of the functionality mentioned here is available in the File Stream interface.